Thermosol ACP manufacturing line consists of the Extrusion Section, where the PE is mixed , melted and extruded with advanced control systems for consistent quality. The Extruding Head controls the volume of the PE core where the thickness of the board is adjusted to match the batch requirement.

The Extruded PE board then goes to the Rolling Press section, where pressing with the Three Roller Technology makes it a flexible yet powerful plastic board with perfectly smooth and flat surface.

The pressed board then passes to the Adhesive Film Compound Section where the special adhesive film is applied to the lower and upper sides of the PE board, to pass on to the Aluminium Coil Frame Section.

At this section, the top and bottom Aluminium coils are placed on the PE board through a constant tension control system and the board with top and bottom Aluminium coils passes on to the Compounding section , where a oil heating circle system fuses the Aluminium coils to the board at a high temperature.

Here the PE board fused with Aluminium coil passes through a flattening roll and air cooling systems producing finished Gurind ACP. The finished panels then goes to the Protective Film Compounding Section. The Automated Trimming section then cuts and trims the panels in to the required size. The entire manufacturing process is automated and ensures the highest quality by eliminating the possibility of human error.