Laminated Glass

Thermosol laminated glass is a high safety glass. And laminated glass does not break as ordinary glass does. It absorbs all impacts and remains intact even after breaking.

The interlayered PVB adheres the fragments of glass with it self therefore minimizing the risk of injury. In the present growing world crime is also growing rapidly which has led to the increase in use of laminated glass in constructions because it works as a guard of the building even after the glass itself is broken. It is not possible to cut security glasses from one side, thus ordinary glass-cutters are useless as break-in tools. Laminated glass is also one of the best in sound proofing.

Thermosol laminated glass is manufactured with best glass source suppliers in the country & Abroad, each and every sheet is further put through the most stringent inspection then they are produced under a dust free and clean environment with 25% RH at class 10,000.