Automotive Glass Benefits

Thermosol Laminated windshields provide following key benefits :

Security – Laminated glass helps in reducing the threat of car Jackings and ensures that when vehicle doors are locked, people truly can expect a degree of safety and security from theft.

Safety -

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), when used in a system that includes side curtain air bags, laminated glass could help save up to 1,300 lives annually and reduce occupant ejection in accidents involving vehicle rollovers.

Sound Reduction -

Laminated glass reduces the transmission of outside wind and road noises, keeping the car interior quieter and more comfortable. Automotive studies note that laminated glass reduces interior noise by three to four decibels, allowing for better conversation and use of entertainment equipment.

Infrared/Solar –

Vehicles equipped with laminated glass can easily add infrared (IR) coatings to block IR heat energy. Testing has shown that the laminated glass reduces interior heat build-up by reflecting up to 60 percent of heat-creating IR rays.

Weight Savings -

Laminated glass reduces the overall weight of a vehicle, improving fuel efficiency. By replacing the four side windows with laminated glass, the weight savings per vehicle can be more than 10 lbs which results to fuel efficiency.