Corporate Profile


Solar technology is spreading its roots as a sustainable solution for future energy requirements. Thermosol Glass aims at leveraging the knowledge and ingenuity acquired by its parent company to manufacture highly efficient solar mirrors. We are the first solar mirror manufacturer to make presence in Asia: with production facility in Gujarat.

Thermosol Glass aims to make significant impact in the solar trough industry by producing parabolic trough glass reflectors. Our competency lies in meeting the rigid specifications for the glass equipment for Concentrated Solar Power. Our design and manufacturing efficiencies result in astonishing mix of bending radii, coating structure and reflective properties to meet the challenges of solar industry.



The ability to achieve tight-specification of the solar segment and total product vitality makes us your trustworthy partners for solar mirrors. Our team with leaders in technology and innovation is making a contribution to the international community and thus supporting its environmental cause by providing state-of-the-art glass bending and heat treating processes for solar power generation.

We stand committed to grow the solar thermal power market especially in emerging solar markets like India, Middle East, Australia and Africa by reducing cost of manufacturing in order to eventually bring down the cost of generating solar power.