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Bending and Tempering

Due to highly automated production, bending process can be performed by a single machine. The glass will be progressively heated to 7000C to reach viscous glass condition which will be immediately bent and tempered to achieve the desired parabolic shape. This induces inner tensions in the glass, which increases mechanical stiffness. This dynamic process ensures repeatability and hence does not require different tools to make mirrors of varying shapes, size and thickness.



Inline quality control: there will be a high accuracy inspection system installed to ensure the reflective accuracy of the mirror. This analysis will be made on the supportive structure that simulates the future anchored position of the glass on the field collector. The system of quality control will be based on the reflected optical distortion methodology and the value will be registered and benched at the back of each mirror by laser mark. It will ensure that each mirror production history is tracked which will prevent any bad mirrors to reach the customers. The reflectivity accuracy on a theoretical receiver tube of 70mm exceeds 99.5% excluding the perimeter surface of 10mm along the edges approx 0.39”. Accuracy of the shape will be reconfirmed at our laboratory using laser controlled beams and will also have reflective check system to check mirror shape from different position both horizontally to vertically.