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This process is applied to coat the bent glass sheets with reflective silver and necessary protective layers. First, the parabolic bent glass sheets are cleaned by a polishing and washing machine using only dematerialized water to guarantee a perfectly clean glass surface. After that, the sheets have to be silvered, which is achieved through a spraying process. The solutions containing the silver nitrate and the reducing agents are pumped to spraying guns to spread the mixture onto the pane surface. The layer is generated immediately, as soon as the liquids mix and hit the glass surface.  The next step after the silver layer generation is to deposit a protective copper layer on the reflective coating. After that, the system is dried by radiant heaters and finally coated with special lacquers to be able to resist the impacts of nature in desert-like areas during the cradle to grave lifecycle of the CSP power plant. There will be a laser code on the back of the glass which will contain information about the production history applied.