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Attachment of Ceramic Pads



The mirror is then accessorized with ceramic pads at the back by CNC robotic arms that guarantee the accuracy in the positioning of the pad along with the reliability and speed.  A fully automatic device will be installed having an integrated a camera to check the accuracy of the position of the pad and will ensure that 100% mirrors are checked.  Once the pads are placed on the mirrors, then they will move for packing. Metallic racks will be used for this propose which will reduce the cost of waste during packing and unpacking of the mirrors.  Extra quality control will be done at our laboratory for reflectivity testing, resistance against corrosion, rusting, degradation and climatic change. Tests for the proper distribution and adherence of the metallic paste for the tabs will also be done at our laboratory. All these tests will be accurate according to the ISO standards.



To ensure the highest point of reliability and durability an edge protection line will be provided which will be encapsulated at the edge of mirror with silicon component to isolate sensitive parts from harsh outdoor environment. This protection is especially designed for solar power projects on the coastal areas where the mirror will be exposed to high concentration of salt in the air. Once these parabolic mirrors are ready, they will be transported to the site. After being delivered to the site, these mirrors will be mounted on a frame post with evacuated tubes used for carrying the heat transfer fluid to complete one solar collector assembly.