Our Products

Our Products

We provide both Monolithic Parabolic Mirrors and Laminated Parabolic Mirrors for CSP application.  We use the highest performing solar float glass to create monolithic and laminated parabolic mirrors with high, trend setting reflectivity. Thermosol’s precise manufacturing process yields a smooth and accurate mirror.

Monolithic Parabolic Mirror

In this design, the Mirror is heat bent before silvering and the backing paint is the protective layer for silver and/or copper metals against the environment.

Laminated Parabolic Mirror

In this design, the mirror is made with a thin front glass and a thicker backing glass laminated with polyvinyl butyral (PVB) film in between. The front glass is heat bent. The backing plate is then laminated to the slivered front plate as the protective layer against the environment. The laminated designs are aimed at better reflectivity and better durability.

Product Specification

Designed specifically for CSP Parabolic Trough systems, Mirrors would be available in standard RP2, 3 and 4 design configurations. Also, as per the requirement of the customers, our manufacturing plant produces both the Monolithic Mirrors and Laminated Mirrors.


Parabolic Mirror Type RP2 RP3 RP4
Size Inner Mirror (mm) 1570 X 1400 1700 X1641 1570 X 1900
Size Outer Mirror (mm) 1570 X 1324 1700 X 1501 1570 X 1900
Area Inner Mirror (m2) 2.2 2.79 2.98
Area Outer Mirror (m2) 2.08 2.55 2.98
Aperture Width (mm) 4908 5657 6618
Glass Thickness 4 mm
Weight Inner Mirror 4 mm (kg) 22 28 30
Weight Outer Mirror 4 mm (kg) 21 25 30
Intercept Factor >99% >99% >99%
Average Solar Reflectivity >94% >94% >94%
Focused Deviation <8mm <8mm <8mm
Slope Deviation <2.3mrad <2.3mrad <2.3mrad
Tempered Glass
Lead/Lead-Free Protective Layers
Reusable Packaging
Fixing Elements Fastened by Adhesive
Labeling of each Mirror