Quality Control

We employ high quality control standards in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to provide the customers, the best solutions for CSP Plants. Our in-line and offline quality tests ensure that our products have:

  • a high solar energy reflectance, more than 94% and an excellent intercept value
  • great durability under adverse and extreme environmental conditions
  • high mechanical resistance, strong improvement in breakage rates during transport and installation, superior resistance to high wind loads

We use a complete Automatic Deflectrometry Optical Measurement System in our production lines for high resolution and high precision quality assurance measurements of the shape of parabolic trough reflector panels or other solar concentrator panels.

Our Mirrors are field-tested and validated using technical tests like Copper Accelerated Acetic Acid Salt Spray Test, Salt Spray Test, Humidity test, Climate Cycling Test, Damp Heat Test, Wind Tunnel Test, Outdoor Exposure Test.